Windows 10 reset stuck at 99 % for too long, is it OK? [Solution]

Windows 10 reset stuck at 99 % for too long, is it OK? [Solution]

Windows 10 is capable of producing unknown errors, even though most of the errors are now replaced with bar code, most of us still see errors that are difficult to identify. A friend of mine encountered the same problem, his PC produced BSOD and asked him to refer the windows site stop code page. Unable to tolerate the continuous errors he decided to reset his windows 10 PC. 

So, he went to settings -> Update & security -> Recovery -> Reset this PC...and performed the reset operation.

We know the reset operation would take some time. So, we decided to wait for some time like 2- 3 hours after initializing the operation. The reset operation showed some improvement like increase in percentage, it went from 0 to 52 % in 2 hrs. but when it reached 99 %  percentage it got stuck on there. We waited for some more time but that didn't showed any improvements. 

We are clueless, and begin to search online for possible solutions, and found it was perfectly OK.

I found some users saying, it completed after 7 hours for one, and it took nearly 10 hours to complete for another One. 

So, if you are experiencing the same problem, then don't do anything just leave as it is and allow it to complete.. 

Don't do the geek method like performing hard shutdown( pressing power button for 5 seconds and restarting) trust me, it will make you to reinstall Windows 10 Operating System by custom installation.

Luckily, my friend's PC completed its reset operation after nearly 5 hours after reaching 99 %.

When enquired about this issue, most of our fellow friends said, that this process depends on the hard disk capacity. 

The choice is yours..! if you wish, you can  reinstall windows 10 in your PC within 30 minutes if you don't care about data loss...

Or else be patient and wait for 1- 14 hrs..

That's it.

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