Stop windows 10 from auto installing unwanted store apps in Windows 10 Creators update [Solved]

Windows 10 Creators update - How to prevent or stop auto install of store apps?

How to stop Windows 10 from auto installing unwanted store apps like Adobe Photoshop 

Express, Code Writer, Sway, Pandora,etc apps on Windows 10 Creators update ? that's the 

question, friend of mine asked after he seen my post about windows 10 auto installing store 

apps on Windows 10 Creators update too.

Even though, windows 10 creators update hasn't been released yet, we expect this 

Windows 10 Creators update is going to auto install unwanted store apps, because i 

had seen windows 10 auto installing store apps in every insider build Microsoft released 

including the one released today Windows 10 insider preview 15046.

I had successfully prevented the windows store apps from auto installing using the registry  

tweak., So if you are experiencing this store apps auto installing problem in your  windows 

10 PC, then i hope this solution will work for you too..

Do i used software to stop windows from auto downloading store apps ??

No, i simply used a registry tweak.

Follow the steps shown below in your PC.

1) Press Windows (logo) + R keys on your keyboard.

2) You will get Run command, on that type regedit

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to following registry, by simply clicking on > symbol located near the field..


5) Now,right click on the Windows folder, you will see something like Collapse, New, Find, 

Delete, Rename,etc on that select New-> Key

6) Name the key as CloudContent 

i.e., when you clicked New-> Key it will display New Key #1 or something like that,  press f2 key on your keyboard and Rename it to CloudContent.

Stop windows 10 from auto installing unwanted store apps in Windows 10 Creators update [Solution]

[Click on the image to view full size]

7) Now, on your right pane, right click on the empty area and Select Dword.

Note : You must select DWORD even you are using 64 bit edition of Windows 10.

8) Name it as DisableConsumerFeatures

9) Double click on DisableConsumerFeatures option, you will get a pop up box on that 

there will be a value data field, simply type 1 on the value data and Hit enter.

10) Restart your PC.

That's it...

Your Windows 10 will no longer auto install store apps...

Hope it is helpful.

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