Fix : Bluetooth stuck on "Remove device" error in Windows 10[Solution]

Fix : Bluetooth stuck on "Remove device" error in Windows 10[Solution]

Bluetooth stuck on "Remove device" in Windows 10 [Solution]

Windows 10 is capable of producing strange bugs, one of the bugs found on the previous 

versions of Windows 10 builds is our bluetooth stuck on Remove device option. you may 

experience a hang like situation while doing the process. If your device stuck on "Remove 

device" option, then here is a post that may solve in 2 minutes.

Do you need any software ?

No, we don't need an software to fix it..

then, how to do it...?

Just follow the steps below.

Bluetooth Stuck on Remove device for long in Windows 10 [Fix]

1) Open Device Manager.

Don't know, how ?? Don't worry, let me help you. Follow the instructions shown in the below 


[Helpful link : How to Open Device Manager in Windows 10 [Guide]]

2) Now, you are on device manager, Expand Bluetooth

3) You will find the list of devices there.. Right click on the device you want to remove

4) Click on disable


Open device manager -> Disable Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator -> Remove device - > Now, visit again device manager and enable Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.

That's it...


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