0x80070228 Error while installing or downloading Windows 10 insider build 15048 [SOLUTION]

0x80070228 Error while installing or downloading Windows 10 insider build 15048 


Today, while i was browsing, i seen some people complaining about this error 0x80070228 

while downloading the latest Windows 10 insider build 15048 and 15046. Most of the users 

who complained said, Windows install files was reported as malwares by AV ( Antivirus 

programs) especially Norton, this makes them cannot go further, so if you are facing such 

issue, then here is a simple solution that may work for you..

What you need to do ??

Just exclude following items on your Antivirus programs.

You can find these files on Quarantine of your Antivirus program, For example : Norton will 

flag and quarantine following files as Suspicious.Cloud.7.F, or something related to it...

You need to report the files as false positive or simply exclude them

1) Open your AV Program and

2) Find Quarantine or Exclude files tab, if the files are quarantined remove it, else

add the following files to excluded list..

The files you need to exclude are..,,







3) Your AV program if it was Norton, then you will also need to exclude or restore the files 

like installagent.exe, gamebarpresencewriter,exe if it was quarantined already.

This simple solution will work, if it failed, then uninstall your AV program, delete the 

contents on Windows\softwaredisturubtion folder -> Restart and try again.

This will work..

Hope it is helpful.

Updated on MARCH 4, 2017