Upgrade to Windows 10 Creators update failed or installation fails ! [Solution]

Windows 10 Creators Update the most expected update by creators may have some problems while 

installing or upgrading. Since the most common type of problem we encounter while upgrading our 

PC to latest build (Windows 10 Creators update) is upgrade failure, i like to share a couple of 

methods that would work if you think your Windows 10 Creators update failed to upgrade.

How to fix Windows 10 Creators update upgrade problems

Method 1 : Create a Key to perform OS Upgrade.

1) Press Windows (logo) and R Keys, Simultaneously, it will display RUN Command.

2) Type regedit and Hit enter.

3) Navigate to the following location(key)


4) On your right pane, right click on the empty area of that registry editor.

Select New ->  DWORD(32_Bit) value.

Important : you need to choose 32 bit even though you are using 64 bit version of windows 10.

5) Type OSUpgrade

Upgrade to Windows 10 Creators update failed or installation fails ! [Solution]
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6) Hit Enter.

7) Now, again double click on it, it will pop up Edit DWORD,... box, 

8) type 0x00000001 or 1 on the value data

9) Hit Enter to save,

10) Now, visit your Windows update settings page and check for updates again, you will see your 

Windows downloading updates now.

If that failed, then try the below method too..

Method 2 : Clear update downloads folder

2) Open 'C' drive.

3) Open Windows folder

4) Scroll down, find and open SoftwareDistribution folder

5) It will open a new window with different folders in it..

Just open downloads folder

6) Press Ctrl + A and Press Shift + Del.

Now, restart your PC and try again..

You can see it works now..

If that too, failed then restart your Windows update service, which may fix the issue.

Update 1: Microsoft said, some PC's are not supported for Creators update because of compatibility

issue, check this link for details[Link].

Update 2 : If your PC was running Toshiba Display utility then it will prevent your Windows from upgrading, here is our post on how to uninstall the toshiba display utility to get creators update [Link]

This Post was last updated on April 7,2017.

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