How to disable OneDrive ads appearing on File Explorer of Windows 10 Creators update &Anniversary Update

How to disable OneDrive ads appearing on File Explorer of Windows 10 Creators update &Anniversary Update

How to disable OneDrive ads notifications appearing on File Explorer of Windows 10 

Creators update and Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Guide]

We people obviously love Windows, but it seems, Microsoft is making it a total nonsense, in 

the name of features. I had already said, this upcoming Windows 10 creators update too 

will install unwanted  store apps and discussed some steps that will prevent it from 

installing it again..But, the problem is the above methods doesn't stop File explorer ads. 

The interesting thing, is till writing this post, i thought this one drive ad notifications are 

appearing only for windows insiders, but today i was surprised to see more number of 

people who are still in Windows 10 anniversary update are seeing the irritating notifications. 

One of our reader, told this news (Thanks to him) ! anyway i think i had wrote this post at 

the right time...

So, our regular question, Do we need any software,to stop this? arises automatically..

To that regular question, the answer is our regular answer "We don't need an software to 

stop file explorer ads appearing in Windows 10..

then, how ?

Just, follow the below steps..

1) Open your File Explorer

[Helpful link : How to open File Explorer in your Windows 10 PC]

2) When you have opened the file explorer you can find various tabs on the top of the pane

like File, Home, Share, View..

3) Click on the view tab.

4) It will display the Navigation pane and other related options like layout,current view, show or hide, etc..

5) When you are on the step 4, click on the options option

6)Select Change Folder and Search Options.

7) it Will open a New Window named folder options,on that find Click items as follows 

Which Will be on View tab.

8) Under Advanced settings, scroll down and find the option "Show Sync provider 


9) Un check the option and click on Apply -> OK.

That's it..

This option will prevent your Windows from showing File Explorer ads.


Updated on March 17,2017