File Explorer crashes after doing search in Windows 10 [Solution]

File Explorer crashes after doing search in Windows 10 [Solution]

Windows 10 PC has some strange error that will be automatically initialized by some unknown 

issues like doing update. While Most of the bugs will be fixed after update, there are some bugs that 

are left unfixed. One of those bugs i recently encountered is "File Explorer crashing after doing 

search ". This possibly, a bug was seen only doing search on File Explorer, which means it works 

perfect when i used Cortana to show the search results.

So, what is the fix or solution to this file explorer crashing issue ?

The fix is an simple one, create an new user account on your PC and do the search again, it will fix 

the issue.

Just follow the steps below..

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows.

Step 2 : Press Start Menu or hit Windows Key,Click On Your user name.

Step 3 : Right Click on it to get Change Account Settings,Select it.

Step 4 : It Will Open A new Window,With A Picture of Yours On Right Pane,Click 

On Family & other Users/people on the left pane.

Step 5 : Click On Add Some one else to this PC.Which Will be on right Pane.

Step 6 : Enter Your Email Address If the Person You are going to Add has An 

Email id,else Click On The Person i want to add doesn't have an email 

address,And Also add a User Without Microsoft Account.

Step 7 : Enter You Name,Password,etc and Click Next.

Step 8 : After that,you Will See that Person Had been added in Your PC User 


Now, Sign out from this account and login to that account.

9) Now, visit C:\users\yourusername folder

10)Press Control key and A Keys of your Keyboard -> then Ctrl and C Keys. 

11) Visit your newly created user account folder, replace every contents that 

are inside that folder (Press Control and V Keys of your Keyboard)

Delete the old user account if needed, else use the new created account as it is..

This will temporarily fix the issue.

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File Explorer crashes after doing search in Windows 10 [Solution]
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