Windows 10 insider preview build 15046 ISO Files - Here is how you can get ISO files of 15046 !.

Windows 10 Insider preview build 15046 was released for fast ring insiders. This Windows 

10 Creators update preview build doesn't have any new additions. They just fixed the bugs 

seen on windows 10 insider preview 15042. Those bug fixes include the ones preventing 

Windows 10 15046 from installing on our PC and Microsoft Edge crashing on our PC.

Even though there were fixes made, some existing bugs like game minimizing to taskbar 

continues in this build too.

Whatever, it may ! If you wish to try this insider build 15046 then, you can do it manually 

installing the ISO file on your PC.

Note : Microsoft hadn't officially released ISO files for this build on their servers, listed here 

is just from fellow friend ( third party) which was tested working on previous builds , so try at 

your own risk..

I Had listed the file links only to shape future builds !

This time, i hadn't found any working ISO file on the public domain, so i like to share the 

ESD files link,which you can use it to build and install your Own Windows 10 Insider 

preview 15046 ISO file.

Thanks to twitter user wzornet for uploading esd files..

What can i do with these ESD Files..?

1) First, visit the below link..

[Link to ESD FILE]

Windows 10 insider preview build 15046 ISO Files - Here is how you can get SO files of 15046 !.

2) There will be a lot of files there, download your language esd file.

for example : 


There, en-us represents US English version, and x64 represents the 64-bit of Windows 10.

3) Like that, find the ESD file you wish to download. (just click on the item it will popup the item's full name)

4) Now, after downloading, you need to build that into ISO File..

Search for an Decryptor tool online (From wzornet)  or simply download  ESD Decryptor tool

It was just a tool that is free, thanks to the developers of that github team๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.
6) Now, after downloading the decryptor tool, extract it to any folder.

7) Now, move the downloaded ESD file to the same location (just cut/copy paste)

8) There will be a software called decrypt.cmd file inside that ESD decryptor's extracted 


10) Press 1 on your keyboard to create ISO file.

Wait, for sometime and enjoy your ISO file..


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