[Fix] File Download Security Warning popup when opening url files from Favorites in Windows 10 [Anniversary update]

Today,when i opened my favorites bar as usual to browse my favorites sites a new pop up appeared

on my device stating  a warning message File download security warning and prompted me to

choose whether to open or cancel.After doing some research i

finally found a way to fix that annoying pop-up.So if you too are looking for something that may fix

that pop-up then i hope this tutorial helps you.

let's see how to fix the annoying popup that displays warning message when we open .url files from favorites bar.

There are two methods to fix the issue...

One is uninstalling the update responsible for the error

and the other one is using CMD commands..

Let's see how to fix this..

Method 1 : Uninstalling the update KB3185319

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type View installed Updates

[Video tutorial]

3) Select the top most result,which will open the updates window.

4) Find and Click on the Update KB185319866

If you have this update installed,then you can uninstall the update in this window,else follow the method 2.

5) Select Uninstall.

Method 2 : Using CMD Commands...

1) Open CMD.

[See : How to open cmd in Windows 10]

2) When it opened,

The commands you need to enter are..


Type your user name in the (your user name field) for example : if your user name is logesh,then type logesh there...so that it looks like C:\Users\logesh\Favorites,etc..

Hit enter.

The Second Command you need to enter is...


Hit enter when you done..

This will fix the error..

That's it.

Hope it is helpful.