Will jio work on all areas especially in rural areas ??? here is our review based on personal experience..

Jio  alias reliance jio is an 4g LTE sim launched by reliance infocomm. It gaining popularity because

of their cheap plans and unlimited data and unlimited voice LTE calls for free for a period of 3

months as a launch offer. Today my friend who living in rural area called me and enquired whether

the sim will work on their area,(as there are only few network that have good coverage in rural

areas).I searched for online but most reviews are based on City based usuage.i Can't decide with that

right ???  i started thinking and decided to make a trip to his area with my 4G data enabled

device,and presenting my opinion/review based on that travel.If you have the same question as my

asked then i hope this will be helpful.

i traveled nearly 82 km from city to forest areas..

i found data worked fine even though i was travelling at the speed of 70 km/hr with YouTube

streaming on.

i also found the internet speed remained same even though i have  only 2 percent as signal strength

near villages which need to be appreciated,

[See : The above video if we need to prove that with the help of tech]

but i also found one thing which could be their drawback..

 there are some issues with voice LTE as i can't hear their voice clearly when someone calls on some

areas especially near villages.....

i can say Jio can be a better alternative to airtel 4g(which i used sometime before) in the way of

faster internet speed and more coverage (than airtel)

What could be another possible drawback is...

What made me questioning this product and their company is..

why this jio plan which worked perfect when i was near to his village named Bannari(which is surrounded by forest ) failed when i was near suburban areas???

I'm looking for answer for this question,this is because i found some signal drops for 3 to 5 sec on

sub urban areas which cannot be unacceptable especially when you are on important call..!I hope they improve this ASAP.

OK,here is my conclusion...

if you are OK with some drop of signal and voice LTE calls ( which may occur rare) you can go for

it,else stay on your network (which you usually in )until they rectify the issue.

Note : The Above review is based on my personal experience.If you are using jio sim,then

take a second and do Comment and help others about its working status on your 

location,as it may 

Help some one from wasting their time in buying this sim if they are in your 




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