Opera 40 got its new free VPN - Here is how you can enable VPN and change location

Opera 40 got its new free VPN - Here is how you can enable VPN and change location

Opera the simplest browser had lot of fans all around the world.Though it operates on very low

speed when compared with chrome and firefox it has varies features that will make you to stick with

the browser.Its main advantage could be the data saver and turbo speed booster which will load more

page quickly in lesser time,this feature will be the most go to do thing when your network speed is

very low or you in 2nd generation networks.

Today,the browser got a new update Opera version 40.What's new in this update is it has an in-built

VPN function.

Yes,you don't need to waste more money on VPN's as this VPN seems to be very much good.It

Works with different servers all over the world,So users like us can watch our favorite content on any

time by bypassing ISP's restrictions.

Enough Intro..,let's see how to turn on this VPN.

To turn on this awesome feature..

[Video tutorial on how to install,enable,change location of VPN.]

1.To turn on you need latest version of Opera browser...

Click on this link to download from official site.

2. After downloading,install.

3.Now,open your browser.

To Activate just do the following..

Click on Menu

Go to Settings.

Now click on Privacy & Security.

Check the box "Enable VPN"

To Change location..

Click on the VPN icon.

Under Virtual location -> Change the country.

That's it you're done..!

You can watch all contents using this VPN,but the sad thing is you can't use this VPN

on Popular site Netflix because they had already banned all the opera's proxies

This browser is not a less known browser but it already lived in peak on its ages until the

development of more advanced browsers.

But one thing is certain,if the browser still adds some features apart from this VPN,in-built adblocker

and the most important battery saver mode then it will regain its spot on most powerful and trusted

browsers all over the world.

Source : Opera