Save Webpage or Website for Offline Viewing in Microsoft Edge...[Tip]

Saving a webpage for offline use is the most wanted thing for most of us,that's because it helps us to

view the website or information whenever we wish even though we don't have an internet connection

at that moment.We can use save webpage for offline Use by simple click in most of the browsers like

chrome and firefox,but such thing can't be done in Microsoft Edge (which Microsoft claims to be the

best browser for Windows 10 )

So,in this post let's see how to save a webpage for offline use in Microsoft edge..

Though MS edge doesn't have this facility to save for offline using Simple click,we can achieve the

above task in couple of ways..

Note : if you have any difficulty in following the below steps,check the video tutorial created 
for you which have some steps in detail..

[Video tutorial]

Method 1 :  Using Print ..

1) Open the webpage you need to save..

2) Click on ... icon and select Print.

3) Select Microsoft Print to PDF.

4) Click Print.

5) It will prompt you to choose where to save(Since it asks to save ,we can use this for our use(offline use)

6) Select your favourite location

7) Click Save.

The files will be stored on your documents folder (by default & if you hadn't changed its location)...

Method 2 : 

The next way is by using Internet explorer feature..

1) Click on the ... icon and select Open With Internet Explorer

2) when it opened,press Ctrl + S Keys.

3) Choose save as type and select Webpage Complete

4) Click Save.

Like said,in the previous step.The downloaded files will be saved on your documents folder by


That's it..

Hope it is helpful...