Office Lens comes to Windows 10 - Here is how you can get / install it..

Office lens the app used by most of us got a new look and was released now for Windows 10 Users.

This App became famous (at the time of its launch year) for its simplicity and scanning powers.

So what we can do with this App??

If you're not sure what this app is all about,then let me give you a simple intro...

This Application was like an another Application ( like Google drive App) which can be used for

scanning your Pictures,enhancing it and converting them later into PDF format,.PPT (Power point)

files,and especially all other word documents.You can also save those images on Onedrive or on

OneNote.(Preety similar to Google drive right??)

OK,if you are a fan of this Application that was available for

Mobile(iOS,Android),Holographic,HUB,PC's then here is how you can install it on Windows 10 PC.

Requirements :

1) You need an Windows 10 PC( You can use both x86 bit and x64 bit OS).

That too with an build version above 1024.0

[See : How to check build number in Windows 10 ]

2) An Integrated Camera

How to install ??

Installing this App is an easy process,all you need is to just follow the upcoming Steps...

1) First Visit this Official Link.

Which will open in Windows Store.

2) Read System Requirements

3) Click on Get button.

Office Lens comes to Windows 10 - Here is how you can get/install

Wait for sometime,it Will Start downloading and will notify after finishing the installation Process.

That's it..


Don't forget to leave comments if you have any doubts..

Hope it is helpful.