.Net framework Offline installer official links are here...

With an steady rising in development of apps the installation of .Net is becoming mandatory for

every app to work.So herewith i'm sharing links to the official .Net download.

What is .Net ??

If you don't know what that .Net means,then let me explain in simple words....

It is an application developed by Microsoft Corporation for easy developing and deploying apps.

Developers use this app to create their apps faster.They just write program(their application) to refer

some conditions that can be initialized at run time which will help them to save their typing

effort,faster and some accurate coding and other stuffs that will help them to complete their program

in time without many errors.That's why when we install an application then we are prompted to

install the .Net which can auto downloaded when our PC was connected to internet.

But if you are in a suitation where you can't wait for windows to install that or if you have internet

connection that may disconnect at any time then its best to download offline standalone .net

installers instead of using web installers.

But the thing is,offline standalone installers are not available for every .net versions even in

Microsoft servers where they provide web installers.luckily we got some official links which will

download .net offline installers and i'm sharing those links...

Image result for this program requires .net framework 2.0
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Just click on the link on the version you need..

32 bit =  x86 bit

64 bit = x64 bit

.Net 4.5 Setup

Download link( 32bit & 64 Bit)

.Net 4.0 Setup

Download Link (32Bit,64Bit)

.Net 3.0 Setup

.NET Framework 3.5 Setup Service Pack 1

.NET Framework 2.0 Setup

Hope it is helpful..