How to watch iPhone 7 launch event live...

Well,the Most awaited thing of apple fans is here.. Yes its  iPhone 7 2016 launch event.! The event is

ready and there are only couple of hours left to start.One of our youtube channel's subscriber had

asked me how to watch the iPhone 7 live launch event of 2016??

To answer his question i had written this tutorial.if you too are searching for an answer to this same

question then i hope this tut may be helpful for you too.

OK,let's see how to watch it...

1).First If you have Mac or iOS devices then you can watch the live event by visiting 

link there you can watch the event live.

Image used for representation purpose Only...

If you don't own a apple device,then don't worry there are lot of options available for you too.

2) If you have an Windows 10 OS running device then you can watch the event using edge browser,to do that open your edge browser and visit this link

there you can start viewing the launch event of iPhone 7 starting at 10am Pdt(Pacific time).

You can find the time of your country by simply googling the time for example : search google 10am PDT to IST if you are in India. You can find your time displayed on google.

If you don't have Windows 10 OS then you have another two options.

you can either watch the live event on free to watch video streaming sites especially on where someone will stream the event live,else simply google or bing iPhone

launch event 2016 live you can see various links,simply click on one of the link you will be directed

to the event video..

And at last if everything fails we have another option to watch,which is a trick that worked on

previous events,and we hope that works on this year too.

(Simply download and install vlc if you don't have) open your vlc media player stream the link

This link may had blocked,don't worry i will post some links that may open the live event in some time.

Update : The launch event ended..!

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.