How to turn off Auto Update of Store Apps in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

Windows Store is the most important thing needed by most of us for installing Apps.Since it became

an part of Windows OS'es all the developers and creators are redirecting their app to the Windows

store when we wish to download or install the app.But unfortunately the problem with that is auto

updating.If we hadn't turned off one option( Which we're gonna see in this tutorial),then our

Windows PC will starts to download the updates to the app whenever an update was released.Though

this option is loved by most of the people as regular updating will solve bug fixes,Some of us don't

like this Option especially they are in limited bandwith(mainly because they consume our bandwith)

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So,here is an tutorial for disabling or turning off auto update of store apps in Windows 10.

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows Key.

2) Type Store.

[Video tutorial]

3)Select the top most result.

4) Click on the Account icon which will be available as left side of search box.

5) Select Settings.

6) It will open a new window,on that find an option

"Update Apps Automatically "

The Above option will be available under App updates field.

7) Click on the left side/slide towards left side of the button that is below that "Updates Apps

automatically so that it looks OFF.

That's it..

It will turn off Your Auto update & download Of Apps.

Hope it is helpful.