How to fix Blue Screen Of Death on Windows 10 if you're Novice [Tutorial]

Blue screen of death [BSOD] is common in all Windows editions,the sad thing is it still exists even in latest edition of Windows 10.Here is some good news if you care about not installing third party Software to fix that error.Yes,you can troubleshoot blue screen of death without any third party utilities if your PC have Windows 10 anniversary Update edition which have several new features included and served as update.

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Everyday we are listing some new features one by one.Today in this tutorial i'm gonna show how to fix the blue screen error if your novice to PC.

OK,let's see how to do it..

[Video tutorial]

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows + R Key.

2) Type Control.

3) Hit enter key/Select OK.

4) It will open control Panel. On the top right corner of the control panel( below to X(close window) mark,) there will be an search box

5) Type troubleshooting

6) Select the result " Troubleshooting"

7) On the left pane,Click on View All option.

8) It will open a new screen,on that click on Blue Screen.

9) Clicking on it will open Blue screen troubleshooter.

10) Click on Advanced and make sure Apply repairs automatically is checked.

11) Click On next

12) Wait for sometime,it will fix if there is any error.

13) Restart if needed.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.