Google's 18th Birthday - Some little known facts about Google

Google's 18th Birthday - Some little known facts about Google

The Party time for Google was arrived.! Yes,it's fourth birthday of the year for Google 

If you visit or or,etc google search domains or when you open

chrome browsers today you can see the official google doodle claiming it to be its 18th birthday.

Here are some things about google you probably mayn't know .

Google's 18th Birthday
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#1) Google love for animals ..

Google has its dedicated field for caring animals.People working on google can take their pets like

dog to their office as google is dog friendly,

Though cats too are allowed,most people dont prefer it to carry with them as cats will irritates the


So if you are working on google,you don't need to worry as you can take your pet with you.

#2) Google Green

Google,this tech giant had several fields to tackle crisis.But to deal with the climate change and to

encourage towards green environment,google only cleans its company's grass with goats and

sheep,they don't use any machines or man power,making an impressions towards green


#3) 26

Google has domains that has all alphabets.The company had domains that start with characters of

alphabets,apart from that it owns the domain too.

#4) Google's love for Education & Work..

Yes,google promotes education and its free of cost.You only need to pay some money when you

wish to participate in exams to get certified and that's too lesser than other companies.

So,if you wish to gain some knowledge about something,then you can invest your time on free

google education.

The company also pays 50 % of the salary of a person to the children whose parents died

( while working on google) till they grown up and learn to survive themselves.

#5) No one knows google's true birthday,even google doesn't know about it!..

Yes,this is almost an funny fact,but the truth is google don't know about their birthday.this is because

google was founded on one day,domain registered on one day,etc..

that's why google celebrates four birthdays per year with 27th September as its main birthday all

over the world.

Well,that's the end of this post, i hope you loved it.