The Best version of Microsoft Edge is gonna Come Soon - [News]

Microsoft has announced its new major update to Windows 10.

This time its for Security.

here is the news...

Inorder to tackle the ongoing and upcoming security treats,the Company had decided to run its best

browser Microsoft Edge in a virtual environment.

if you don't know about this virtual,then let me explain in one sentence.

Virtual environment are nothing but the thing used to run an application as in another state,like

 running an seperate OS inside the OS.

There will be no connection between those too ,they act  independent.

This concept is not a new thing as there are many softwares like VMWare,Virtual box  already

available in the market to create and run an virtual Machine.

Microsoft edge too is going to follow this concept.

So,the next question that may arise in your mind is how they gonna do it ??Right??

Well,here is an answer for that ques.They said,this virtual concept can be achieved by the app called

Windows defender application guard for Microsoft Edge.

So,what it will do is..

When we open our browser  it will  create an isolated environment (virtual area) on our

machine.Everything that comes and goes inside this are limited to this area,it

won't reach your OS,so our PC will not be infected.even if you visit any websites that injects

malware it will run continuosly till we close the browser,

After closing  the browser  this virtual area is destroyed i.e., when we close the browser,the

malware,virus,or other related files that are in the virtual area will be deleted and destroyed


This adds an extra layer to our PC's security.

It may also use our PC's hardware if available.

When its going to release??

Since,Microsoft has just announced about this, it will take some time to release.

As per the Confirmed Sources this feature will be available only for Windows 10 Enterprises at first

and the release to other editions will made available after that release.

They hadn't announced the date yet,but we can expect this feature very soon.