Google Pixel launch event date revealed ..

Google Pixel launch event date revealed ..

Google the Tech giant is known for its creative ideas.The company have lot of expectations

surrounded when they announce something new..This time its about PIXEL(nexus 2016).Its the new

Mobile phone google is scheduled to launch on October 4.

The company had already said, that this

Mobile wouldn't be a regular mobile that comes out from Google.that's why they had renamed the

popular brand name Nexus into Pixel.

The event just got confirmed as google starts to tease with expectations how the new Mobile will

look like by making a different new concept.

At first,there will be a search box appearing on the page and after sometime it would slowly changes

its size( height and width) to become a smart phone..

[Image Used for Representation purpose Only]

Here is a link for viewing

It also has a date October 5 which could be the possible sales of that device..

The company also posted a video on their official youtube channel confirming there would be a

launch event on October 4.

we could expect the event to be live on at 9am Pacific time.

How the device would look and what configuration does it sport???

Well,we have to wait till the launch event for answers...