How to turn off Sync in Windows 10 Anniversary Update [tutorial]

While,Most Organizations have this sync function which helps to access our

settings,notes,etc...anywhere,anyplace it has some added problems..Particularly if you have two or

more machines with same account.The Settings you had set on one machine will also change in

another PC's this is because of this Sync.So here is an tutorial that will help you to solve the problem.

There are two ways to solve this Sync problem...

One is completely turning it off and Other one is turning off this Sync partially,like turning off sync

only for themes/passwords/ease of,etc...

OK,let' see how to do this ...

Do you need any software ?? is an built-in function so you don't need any softwares..

How to do it..?

Just follow the upcoming steps..

[Video tutorial]

1) login to your Windows .

2) Press Windows key

3) Type Sync your settings

4) Select the top most result

Clicking on the sync your settings will open sync menu in settings,on that follow the remaining


To turn off sync Completely...

Click on the left side of the option sync settings.

"Sync settings option will be available as first option under sync your settings..."

To turn off only for particular item..

Scroll down the field..

Click on the left side of the option you want to off.

for example : if you wish to turn off sync for themes then click/slide to the left hand side of themes


In the same way,if you want to turn off sync for intenet explorer settings,passwords,preferences,then

simply click on the left side of those options,so that it shows OFF.

5) Close the Window.

That's it..