Exit or turn off Safe Mode in Windows 10 [Simple beginner's guide]

Exit Safe mode or turn off Safe mode in Windows 10- How to that's what we're going to see in today's post.

Safe mode, is the place where the basic troubleshooting action is done. And they do that, by booting into advanced start up options-> troubleshooting - >Advanced Options - >Start up Settings - >Restart -> 4 on keyboard which is well known process.

But unfortunately some of our users don't know how to get out of Safe mode in their Windows 10 PC which made me to write this post.   

We can do that actually in many ways, but i will share here the two common ways that most people use. 

In first way, you can exit from safe mode without logging in and using password, and you can follow the second way if you had already logged in and also this process is same for all Windows 10 PC's irrespective of manufacturers like ASUS, HP,etc..

So, let's dig in.

How to exit Safe Mode when Signed in already?

If you had already signed in, then

Press Windows Key - > Select Power - > Restart..

This will work at most cases, but if it didn't worked then you have to follow this..

i) While logged in, open run command by press Windows + R keys together.

ii) Type msconfig and hit enter.

iii) In general, Makesure Normal Startup option is checked, and again

iv) Select the Boot tab.

v) Uncheck Safe mode and restart.

That's it..

If you had not logged in, then on the lockscreen press/click Power button -> Restart.

It will boot out of safe mode..