How to keep your laptop On when you close the lid in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

How to keep your laptop On when you close the lid in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

If you have laptop running Windows 10/8.1/8/7 OS then you  may had experienced this issue( at

least once) which is your laptop automatically goes to sleep/hibernate even shutdown when we close

the lid.So here is an tutorial to prevent it from sleeping/hibernate/shutdown.

What we need to do ??

We need to change an option on Control Panel to fix this...

Just follow the below steps...

If you have any difficulty in following below steps,then check the above video which explains them 

in detail...

Step 1 : Login to Your PC(Which is The Primitive Step)

Step 2 : Open Control Panel.

[See : How to Open Control Panel Easily]

Step 3 : Click On Hardware And Sound.

Step 4 : A New Window Will Open On that Select, Power Options Which Will Be on the 

Right Pane,Below to Sound.

Step 5 : Click On Change When the Computer Sleeps.Which Will Be on Left Pane.

Step 6 : Click on Change Advanced Power Settings.

Step 7 : It Will Open A new Window, on that Click on "Power buttons and lid".

Step 8 : Expand and click lid Close action - > Select 

On battery,Plugged in - > Set it to Do nothing.

Step 10 : Click on Apply

Step 11 : Click on OK.

Step 12 : Close the Windows.

That's it..

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Works on Windows 10,8.1,8 and 7(Some steps may differ)...