Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2016 Released ! Here is how you can get the anniversary update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2016 Released ! Here is how you can get the anniversary update

Windows 10 the OS released on July 29.2015 Exactly a year ago has a new update scheduled to hit

users from August 2,2016.

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It has some new changes

Some of the notable things are....

1. Advanced Pen Support (Windows Ink)

2. Microsoft edge may support extensions like other browsers like chrome..

3.Great improvements in Start menu,Cortana.

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4. Bug Fixes. and Much more(Which will be covered in new articles after they are tested XD)

Ok,let's see how to update your Computer to this latest update...

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Though your computer could automatically download and install such updates whenever they are

available in your location,you can perform such operations manually..

Just follow the below steps...

Update : Wait !! The update is not yet available through Windows Update,Check this link it has the tested working way.. [Link]

Step 1 : Open settings.

[See : Different ways to open settings]

Step 2 : Click on Update & security.

Step 3 : It Will Open Windows Update,which will automatically download updates when they are

available.(Makesure your PC has internet connection at that time)

[If you hadn't received the update then check the above video to install it manually]

That's it...

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Note : Initially,the update will be made available only for some selected regions.Your region may be in that list if you are lucky!.So be patient,your pc will definitely receive such updates but may be delayed sometimes depends on your location.