How to turn off text prediction in latest version of Chrome [Tutorial]

Text prediction the best feature discovered to help users is an well known thing,but unfortunately it

causes  frustration to most of the  people who work constantly on the web.

Before a week ago,we had discussed the way to disable text prediction on Windows 10,which worked

for most users.We can disable text prediction on Windows 10 but not inside the browsers,So based

on a request from our blog reader(who wished to not name) i had created this

tutorial to explain the way of disabling text prediction completely from chrome..

So if you are the one who is searching for this,then this may help you.

Click on the icon below X mark on the right hand - > Select Settings - >Scroll down and Select Show Advanced Settings - > Un check all the boxes that have the word prediction/predictive - > Restart Browser..

Don't forget to clear your history..!

That's it.

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