How to turn on or turn off Remote assistance on Windows 10 [tutorial]

Assistance is the most needed thing for most of us in our day to day life,Sometimes we need some one to show how to do a particular task. For example,let's take how to open control panel in Windows 10? if the person is near to you, then they can simply tell you or show you how to do that till you understand, but if you failed to understand the topic then i guess i don't need to say till what extent it will go to which is a different topic.

But the problem is, if the person is near to you then they can get this issue fixed by guiding you. What if the person is far from you? Still you don't need to worry. Because we have an option called remote assistance. Remote assistance is nothing but the concept of getting assistance from someone through Online. Luckily Windows 10 have an inbuilt option for that. Just turn on remote assistance in Windows 10, and relax. They can get the job done for you. Once its finished, you can simply follow the below steps to turn off remote assistance as well to prevent further access.

Just follow the below steps...

Check the above video tutorial,if you find any difficulty in following below steps...

How to turn on Remote assistance in Windows 10.

Press Windows + R - > type Control - > OK (it will open Control Panel) - > System and Security - >

Select  "Allow remote access" on right pane.

Check the box "Allow remote assistance connections on this computer".

Choose Allow remote connections to this computer under remote desktop. - >Apply - > OK.

That's it.

How to turn off Remote assistance in Windows 10 :

Follow the same steps, now Uncheck the box " Allow remote assistance connections on this computer"

Choose Don't allow remote connections to this computer under remote desktop - > Apply - >Ok.

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.