How to get back missing hibernate option in power menu of Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Hibernate Mode is The Powerful Way of turning Your System Off. When You Shutdown

Your System Using Hibernate Mode your System actually won't Shutdown.It Saves Your 

System's State like Running Apps settings to Ram,and Switch Off's Your PC. When You 

Press the Power Button Again Your Windows Will resumes again Faster than Ever. So Use 

this Feature for Saving Your Work And Others Faster.

Enough Said,let's see how to get back this missing option .

Just Follow the below Simple Steps..

Follow the steps in the above video,if you have any doubts..

Step 1 : Login to Your PC(Which is The Primitive Step)

Step 2 : Open Control Panel.

[See : How to Open Control Panel Easily]

Step 3 : Click On Hardware And Sound.

Step 4 : A New Window Will Open On that Select, Power Options Which Will Be on the 

Right Pane,Below to Sound.

Step 5 : Click On Change What the Power do Option.Which Will Be on Left Pane.

Step 6 : It Will Open Your System Options,Click On Change Settings that Are Unavailable 


Step 7 : Scroll Your Mouse to Bottom Until You Find Hibernate Mode Option.

Step 8 : Check The Option If You Want to Enable Hibernate Mode.

Step 9 : Uncheck the Option,if You Want to Disable Hibernate Mode.

Step 10 : Click On Save Changes to Save Your Choice.

Step 11 : Close the Window.

Now,You Can See Your Hibernate Mode on Start Menu and power menu....


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