[Fix] Slide Show not working on Windows 10 [Tutorial]

[Fix] Slide Show not working on Windows 10 [Tutorial]

When people are new to Windows,most of them says that,their pc is producing Strange

problems..this is because they don't alter settings that needs to be changed to get their PC to

normal,In this tutorial we are gonna find the solution for one such Strange problem,Which is Slide

show works only when PC is plugged in.

how to fix this???

We need to change an setting in control panel to fix...

Just follow the below steps...

If you have difficulty in following below steps,then check the above video which explains in detail...

Step 1 : Login to Your PC(Which is The Primitive Step)

Step 2 : Open Control Panel.

[See : How to Open Control Panel Easily]

Step 3 : Click On Hardware And Sound.

Step 4 : A New Window Will Open On that Select, Power Options Which Will Be on the 

Right Pane,Below to Sound.

Step 5 : Click On Change When the Computer Sleeps.Which Will Be on Left Pane.

Step 6 : Click on Change Advanced Power Settings.

Step 7 : It Will Open A new Window, on that Click on "Desktop background settings".

Step 8 : Click on Slide show - > Select On battery - > Change paused to Available..

Step 10 : Click on Apply

Step 11 : Click on OK.

Step 12 : Close the Windows.

That's it..

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