How to remove Social2Search from your browser and Windows 10 Computer {Tutorial}

Social2Search is an Advertising Platform that targets users by running advertisement on the sites

they visit including Google. They are served through some freewares (when a user clicks on

next,next,etc while installing some apps)

Resetting the browser will never work ,which you can try at first.

So here is an tutorial for removing social2search completely from your PC.

Just follow the steps...

Follow the steps in the above video 

[or] below steps.

After uninstalling - > Open your browser - > go to google/bing/any other search engine - > type 

Adwcleaner (Which is a freeware and working software) ->download it from official site - >

Install the tool - > Click Scan - > After scanning has finished,click Clean -> Restart Your PC.

After restart you can see the tool was completely removed from your PC.

That's it..

Comment if you have any doubts.

Hope it is helpful.

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