Good Bye Cortana !! - How to disable or turn off Cortana after Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2016 [Tutorial]

Hello Friend,Welcome to Our blog.In this tutorial let's see how to disable Cortana 

Permanently after windows 10 anniversary update.

What is Cortana ??

Cortana is an App that Can give you suggestions,and other things by tracking your Activity 

in Your PC.Though it is an Very Useful feature introduced in Windows 10,Some of our 

Users dislike due to the privacy issue.On our Earlier tutorial we seen how to turn off and 

turn on cortana.And for those who wish to disable Cortana Permanently,here is an 


How to disable it ??

There are two ways...

One using small settings and another using Group policy...

Let's see how to do it....

Click on the cortana icon (Which will be available in search bar) - > Select notebook 

Select About me - > Click Sign out.

Alternatively,you can use Group policy Editor, and it is not an big task.

If you have no group policy editor ,then check this link [Youtube] [our blog link]

Just follow the Upcoming Steps in Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Keys Simultaneously and type Gpedit.msc

Step 3 : Hit Enter.

Step 4 : It Will Open a new Window,which is Local Policy Editior,On that Navigate as 


Click on Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->All Settings.

Step 5 : Find Allow Cortana Option.

Disable Cortana Permanently in Windows 10 [Tutorial]
Click on the image to view full size

Step 6 : Click on it.

Step 7 : When you Clicked,it Will open a new Window with Not Configured Option Chosen.

Step 8 : On that,Select disabled.

Disable Cortana Permanently in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Step 9 : Click on Apply.

Step 10 : Click on OK.

Step 11: Close the Window.

Note : When you Clicked Apply,Only Your Cortana and its Components are disabled,You 

Can Still make a Search in Search bar and other areas only as we do in older Windows 

versions like Windows 8 and 7.

If You Wish to Enable Cortana,then refollow the above Steps and Select Not configured 

Option While in Step 8 and follow other remaining steps.   

That's it...

Hope it is helpful...

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