How to show or hide bookmarks tab in latest version of chrome [Tutorial]

Bookmarks help us to visit our favorite site in a click.Though Most of the browsers have this feature they are hidden sometimes making us to search for its location.So here is an tutorial to show how to show or hide bookmarks tab in latest version of Google Chrome.

Press Ctrl + D to Bookmark US!

If you are using Older version of Chrome.

Click on the = icon below the X mark,Which will be available on the top Right hand side - > Select Settings - > On the right pane look for an option " Always show bookmark tab "

Check the Box  to Show bookmarks tab.

Uncheck the box to hide bookmarks tab.

If you are from latest version, then it is much more easy.

Simply, press Ctrl + B to show or hide bookmarks bar whenever needed.

That's it.

Comment if you have any doubts...