Windows 10 System Restore failed with error code 0x80070091 [Solution]

Windows 10 System Restore failed with error code 0x80070091 [Solution]

Microsoft is trying to fix windows 10 since long time, even though most of them are fixed 

and are served through windows insider preview builds  , Some fixes are causing side 

effects on user's PC. 

One of the issue that i faced today on my friend's PC is, his system restore failed. We are in 

a situation of reinstalling windows 10. But we thought of trying system restore using system 

restore point created a long ago. Luckily, there was a restore point that was created a 

month ago. We tried to restore using that point, it went good, but after some time a popup 

box appeared in front of us stating "System restore did not complete successfully, Your 

system files and settings are not changed" claiming that the error happened at 

%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps, an unspecified error occurred during System restore . (0x80070091) 

We fixed the error using a simple method, so i like to share the steps here, if you had faced 

with such an error, then i hope my crazy fix may work for you too.

Windows 10 System Restore failed with error code 0x80070091 [Solution]

Understanding the problem....

I thought there  may be a possible corrupt in that windows apps directory. so i thought of 

renaming the folder which may make windows believe that there is no such folder, so that it 

can re create it or skip that part.

OK, here is How i fixed...

How to fix Windows 10 System Restore failed with error code 0x80070091

1) You may be prompted to choose a system restore point in your PC right ?? ( System 

restore , system image recovery,etc on advanced options), so simply 

click on browse. and navigate to C:\ProgramFiles folder.

2) Make sure your hidden items box is checked, because WindowsApps folder is hidden by 


[Helpful link : How to show hidden files in windows 10]

3) Click on the item and Press F2 Key on your Keyboard...

4) Rename the folder to any name, for example : like windowsexploredforu

5) Press Enter key, so that it saves the file name..

6) Restart your PC and 

 try your system restore again, it will work now..

This may sound crazy but its the solution that worked for me..


Updated on FEB 26, 2017 8.40 a.m [IST]

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