Here is why February 2017 security update was delayed !

Here is why February 2017 security update was delayed !

Security update is one of the most important component of our PC because they provide 

security to all our software either directly or indirectly. If you don't know what security 

update means, then simply assume it is like a patch that was used to fix the issues that 

may cause our system to fall into malicious attackers. 

Every tuesday, Microsoft will release some kind of update to fix or include a 

feature. Security update is also a kind of update as said earlier delivered to user every 

month, or every day depending on the situation or priority. This month Microsoft should 

have released the much called security update as per its schedule. But this update was not 

delivered to end users because of a last minute problem..

This issue will impact some customers, so they had cancelled the Feb 2017 security update 

for windows 10 users. 

In a short post, Microsoft said,

" Our top priority is to provide the best possible experience for customers in maintaining and protecting their systems. This month, we discovered a last minute issue that could impact some customers and was not resolved in time for our planned updates today.
After considering all options, we made the decision to delay this month’s updates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change to the existing plan."

That's being said as the reason, however in a updated news, Microsoft said, it will 

deliver the update on March 14, 2017 Tuesday.

So, you need to wait for next month Tuesday to get the delayed or updated security update, 

which is a sad news...

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