Now you can apply for a job and hire through Facebook !

We people are looking for every possible way to get a job, some of us who are already in some

jobs are searching for a way to find a job that satisfies us. If you fall into those categories

then here is some good news for you.

          Facebook,  the most popular tech company is now launching a new feature,

this feature will allow us to apply for a job directly from the  Facebook.

So, if you don't know what to do next because of your boring job, then you can use this feature

to get some job you love...

This feature is reported to be available only on United states from Wednesday. United State users

who owned Facebook Pages, can now post job openings directly on their pages.

Those posts will appear on user's timeline like one of the regular post from the page they liked...

Some information like your Name, City, Email and Phone number,etc will appear prefilled, if you

have included those things on your FB ID)..

There may be questions like "Why you think, you're a good candidate ?" and " Description about

your past experience " ,etc sections will be available,  users like us are allowed to enter upto 1000

characters describing about those details..

Normal page owners no need to pay for creating this job opening, but for business pages some

conditions will apply.

So, if you are living on United states then you can use this feature to make some one hire you or you

can hire some one....

Details about the feature like whether it will be available on other countries or not, is not known yet,

but i think depending on the kind of response facebook receives, it will launch this features in other

countries too..

Will it be better than linkedin ? we need to wait for some time to find out..!