You will no longer see Mixed reality in Settings Page of Windows 10 Insider preview 15025 [It's Official]

Mixed reality is a feature that was included in earlier Windows 10 Insider preview builds. 

Windows 10 Insiders who got a chance to test Mixed reality were satisfied because it 

contains some options that they loved even though it's sometimes buggy.  This Mixed 

reality function was nothing but a feature that enables us to empower our visual world like 

Virtual reality, Holographic,etc..

This Mixed reality feature was specially designed for holographic purpose...

Microsoft started building this feature with Hololens in mind, but later in the conference that 

took place last year, they said.

they are going to release this feature in the upcoming Windows 10 update called as

Windows 10 Creators update...

We are not sure, whether this feature will be available for Windows 10 Creators update, 

because Microsoft said in a blog post, that they had removed Mixed reality feature in the 

main entry of Settings page in the upcoming Windows 10 Insider preview 15025.

We need to wait for the Windows 10 Creators update to know whether this feature will be 

included in the windows 10 creators update build or not..

We hope they do keep their promise this time..

Update on FEB 3, 2017

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