Wait operation timed out Windows 10 - C:pictures [Solution]

Today, When i tried to open C:\pictures directory to view some pictures, i happened to see the

problem wait operation timed out on my Windows 10 PC. Windows 10 pictures directory won't open

because of that  thing. Finally i fixed the problem myself by doing some simple steps that i shared

here in this post..

If you are facing such an error, then try the below steps, i hope it will work for you too..

[Video Guide]

Solution 1: Restart Explorer.exe

1) Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC Keys of your keyboard.

2) Scroll down and right click on explorer.exe or Windows explorer and click Restart.

3) Close the window and try again.

Solution 2 : Try disk check...

The above solution worked for me, but it keeps repeating my problem so i checked my drive for errors and it solved my problem permanently. So , never afraid to do the following steps too..

4) First, open This PC..

[See : How to open this PC on your Windows 10]

5) Right click on 'C' drive. and select properties.

6) Click on the Tools tab.

7) Click on the Check option, so that windows scans your drive..

Optimize your C drive by..

8) Clicking on the Optimize button, located below to the check option on the same tab.

9) After finishing Optimization, and it's fragmented is OK, then close the window.

10) Restart your PC and try again.

[Helpful link : How to restart or reboot your Windows 10 PC]

It will work now...