Windows 10 Creators Update too will install unwanted Store Apps ! :(

Windows 10 Creators update, scheduled for April release has got some additional changes 

happening right now and then, Microsoft is releasing new features to insiders every week in 

the name of windows 10 insider preview builds, recently it released windows 10 insider 

preview 15042 for PC users, this build has not got many features added unlike previous 

insider builds, they had only fixed some bugs.  

I had upgraded my PC to windows 10 insider preview 15042, but after some time, My PC 

got some bugs so i went to reinstall windows 10 insider preview 15042 again . I booted the 

ISO and installed Windows 10 creators update preview build 15042 successfully on my PC. 

But after installation i was shocked to see unwanted store apps again even though i hadn't 

logged in using Microsoft Account.

The apps installed on My PC were found to be Adobe Photoshop Express, Code Writer, 

Pandora and sway. 

There were some other apps, that were on the line to get installed on my PC consuming my 

bandwidth badly 😢😢.

I think this build with other existing bugs fixed will be released to Windows 10 users as 

windows 10 creators update, because Microsoft had finished adding  and tinkering features. 

There is also a high chance, because this insider preview build 15042 doesn't have 

expiration date set, which is quite uncommon.

Whatever it may, it would be better, if Microsoft stops installing such unwanted apps to 

users at least in Windows 10 Creators update because, we paid to own our PC ourselves, 

not you Microsoft...! (in the form of unwanted apps )