How to post and delete Stories in Whatsapp new status feature [Guide] [FEB 24,2017]

Whatsapp new status story feature - How to use it...[FEB 2017 update]

WhatsApp has introduced its new status feature to mark its 8 th birthday. To get this, you don't need

to download WhatsApp new status feature apk, you just need to update WhatsApp on your


This new status feature have options that are similar to hike and Snapchat... you can post a status by

capturing picture or load it from gallery.. if you want to see who had seen my whatsapp status or if

you have questions like how to delete status that was posted on whatsapp new status feature, then i

hope this video may help you, even though it was just a first look from our channel..


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Updated on FEB 24,2017