Download screen stuck at initializing in Windows 10 Insider preview 15025 build [Solved]

Windows 10 Insider Preview 15025 was released for Windows insiders today. But many of us are

facing different kind of issues every week, though it's common to face such things while we sign up

for insider builds, Some times, it will seem more difficult for us to figure out what exactly is going

on there, as it would produce different kind of errors.

Like in the previous Windows 10 insider preview build, this build 15025 have a strange issue in the

download screen.

Microsoft had fixed the issue, that made download progress indicator to hang on 0 %. But that bring

up a new error, download screen showing initializing while downloading the updates...

So, if you are facing such errors, then here is a guide that may be helpful for you...

Do you need any software ??

No, you don't need a software to do this...

Just follow the steps below..

1) Open powershell

2) Type the following command

Restart-service WinRM

3) Hit enter

4) Close the powershell

And try again, you will see now your windows 10 insider preview 15025 is downloading now...

Update : The method shown by our friend Darius, will work on this build too..

So, i like to include that, in this post..

While your download screen was stuck, simply turn on pause receiving updates till the suggested

date, then immediately turn off this pause receiving updates option, and check for updates, it will

start downloading now...

Special thanks to our friend Darius dutch for sharing the above new workaround..

Hope it is helpful..


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