Audio Stops working "Device in Use " error in Windows 10 insider preview 15025 [Solution]

Windows 10 insider preview 15025 was released for PC users with lot of bugs from earlier released

Windows 10 insider preview 15002, 15007, etc fixed.  But majority of users are still facing some

kind of issues like mixed reality option missing in settings page, download stuck ,etc

on this Windows 10 Insider preview 15025 build. One of those errors that i faced was, my audio

stops working, while i was checking whether my speaker was gone, it produced another one "device

in use" error message. So that clearly gave me a idea, on how to solve it...

I had fixed the issue temporarily, by following the below method, if you too are facing this kind of

error, then i hope this could be helpful for you too..

Do i used any software ?

No, i had never used a software..

then, What i did ??

Just follow the steps below..

1) Open powershell

2) Type the following command

Restart-service  Audiosrv

3) Hit enter

4) Close the powershell

Now check again, you will see it working now...

Else do a simple restart, that will fix the issue...

Hope it is helpful..

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