LG 88Z9 Price and Specifications - WORLD’S FIRST 8K OLED TV (LG 88Z9) now available for Sale

LG 88Z9World's first 8K OLED TV, developed by LG is now available for Sale. Code named LG 88Z9, the 88 inch TV featuring 8K resolution  (equivalent to 16 times the number of pixels in full HD and four times that of UHD) is now available for Sale in South Korean region.  

This TV is said to produce real life like colors with the help of alpha 9th Gen 2 8K intelligent processor which upscales sound and picture quality with the help of deep learning technology. This TV also has dolby atmos for best sound quality and in some areas this tv is said to feature Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant for best experience.

And the Price of LG 88Z9 ?

Though there is no much 8K content available at the moment, the price of this 8K OLED TV stands at $41000 - $42000 making it difficult for wide reach.

This TV was currently available only in South Korea region, it was expected to ship to North America and Europe only in the mid September or October, so you have to wait for sometime to test it.

You can read the complete features on this official site.