Oppo and Xiaomi teases under display selfie phones (Yes ! Now you can take selfie without selfie camera)

#Oppo and #Xiaomi teases under display selfie phones. For people who love phones that look like the one that was available in mid 2000s, revolutionary smartphone makers Oppo and Xiaomi has developed new phone models. This phones doesn't have any selfie camera visible to the outside world, they are build inside the touch screen display to give a look like the old cellphones.

Oppo was the first one to reveal this tech on its twitter account. Its a video of just 15 sec which doesn't reveal much info about the model name or exact version, but we can see the under display selfie camera in action without any selfie camera in the display.

Check it Out.

As soon as this tweet was posted, Xiaomi posted the video of similar tech with two phones without hiding the screen like the one Oppo did.

Even though much information was not available at the moment, we can expect the phones to feature 5G tech and might become another budget smartphone, but we have to wait to find it out.