Microsoft Edge Preview now officially supports Tracking prevention - Here is how to turn that ON

Tracking Prevention is now officially coming to Microsoft Edge chromium powered Preview builds, the feature that exists in Many popular browsers. As a testing phase, this tracking prevention is currently available only from Microsoft Edge Preview build which was released today.  

Microsoft, has included three modes Basics,Balanced and Strict for users to fight back against harmful web tracking mechanisms. By default, the Balanced Option will be turned on, which means it will not block tracking aggressively. So, If you want more privacy then you can switch mode to Strict using following steps..

How to turn on Tracking protection in Microsoft Edge preview builds

This feature is currently available as Experimental feature, so first we need to turn on it first..

1) Open the browser, on the address bar type

edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention and hit enter.

2) It will highlight the text and on the right corner side, there will be a drop down..

Click on it and select Enabled.

3) Restart Browser.

4) Once you restart the browser, type/copy paste the following on the address bar.


5) Now, it will display the options we talked earlier, Basic, Balanced and Strict.

Select Strict.

That's it..

Your browser will block most of the third party trackings.

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