How to Start WSL 2.0 in Windows 10 and Insider preview Version [Guide]

How to Start WSL 2.0 in Windows 10 and Insider preview Version [Guide]

Microsoft announced the launch of WSL 2 [Windows Sub system for Linux version 2] in recent Windows 10 Insider preview 18917. But lot of users want to know how to start the WSL 2. So, i decided to write this guide.

What is Windows Subsystem for Linux ?

To say in beginner words, I can say if you want to run Linux inside Windows OS, then you can use this feature inbuilt into Windows 10 Operating System. This Windows Subsystem for Linux was shortly referred as WSL. And the second version was now available for insiders now. You don't need to download WSL 2.0 Separately as it was now inbuilt. WSL 2.0 release date for normal Windows 10 users was not yet known, i guess it might be released in the upcoming Windows 10, which is under development. 

Enough said, let see

How to launch WSL 2 in Windows 10?

First, let me be clear, if you want to run this WSL 2, then you need latest Windows 10 insider preview, the current one is 18917. 

2) Press Windows (Logo) key and type Turn Windows features on or Off.

3) Select the top most result, which is "Turn Windows features on or Off", Scroll down and check the Windows Subsystem for Linux checkbox and restart your system.

Now, we need Linux distro, so visit Microsoft Store, once it launches type Ubuntu on the search bar and hit search, it will display the search results, on that select Ubuntu -> Get.

4) Wait for it to Install, wait for sometime/ till it completes.

5) Once it completes, now our real conversion works starts now.

6) open Powershell 

7) Type wsl --set-default-version 2 which will set your default subsystem version to WSL 2.

8) Now, type wsl --set-version ubuntu 2 and hit enter running that command will convert our existing Ubuntu to version 2.

Wait for few minutes, till it displays Conversion Complete.

Close the powershell and enjoy the new version.