WhatsApp silently removes share to Facebook option in WhatsApp beta 2.19.163 for Android

WhatsApp beta 2.19.163 was now available for Android beta users. There is nothing new in this latest version of WhatsApp, but Share to Facebook option that we found on the WhatsApp 2.19.161 version seems to be removed in this build too.

Share to Facebook option will be displayed when you select the message, followed by More option in groups. This option was available on WhatsApp 2.19.161, but it was actually broken/bug as nothing will happen when you click the option. 

There are no other new options we had found as of now, so you can skip this build too.

Note: When i decomplied this app, i found lot of cpde reference for Facebook, So, you can expect WhatsApp to implement some new things that might redirect us to Facebook App very soon. 

In the Mean time, if you had found any new features kindly let us know through Comments.