LG unveils Roll Up TV -> TV that can roll up and can go down when not needed, Flexibility in TV's is real!

LG is famous for its breath taking innovations, At CES today LG unveiled its Roll UP TV dubbed LG Signature OLED TV R. The main feature of this TV is flexibility. It can be rolled up and down with just a tap of button.

As expected, this was a 4K  65inch TV but LG doesn't stop there, LG has added a 100watt Dolby Atmos Speaker for a powerful audio.  So, allocating the Special Space for a big rectangular TV is no longer needed. 

Just tap the button, this TV will roll up, fully and will starts playing the content you need. This TV also features a mode called "Line Mode". LG has included this mode especially for music lovers, and those who don't want the big screen to be turned on while hearing Music. Turning On this mode will make the TV to be partially visible (only 1 forth of the Panel will be visible), Just enough to give a player look.

Price of this TV hasn't be revealed yet, but LG hinted it will be revealed during its launch for consumers which is expected for this Spring.

Check out the below video, and see the tv in action.

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