Google's RCS is Coming very soon to Android users, Users of UK and France are going to receive this week.

Google's RCS (Rich Communication Services) is reportedly coming soon to Android users without waiting for Carriers to make a decision.  

Before we get in, first let's know What is RCS?

RCS, stands for Rich Communication Services. This service is going to be our next generation messaging protocol, which means its going to replace our existing SMS system.

The messaging app we use right now, is really outdated as technologies to send audio, gif video,etc keeps on developing and we all know that existing default texting app doesn't support this techs. 

Google thinks, this leads us to use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and other Social Media apps, that's true too. To overcome at least some of those challenges we're in need to update the existing ones,which is easier said than done, as it depends on lot of things especially carrier, this is because whenever an sms needs to be received by recipient, it should first reach the carrier, and then carrier should forward the message. i would say, this proves Carrier's role is inevitable in SMS system. So inorder to implement this next gen tech's we need carrier's support, (which some will do,and some won't). Hence Google decided to directly pitch in. 

This new app is more or less a kind of chat app, and will be available for every Android user soon, but not by default to all, as google says, its a opt-in process and it doesn't want to push users directly like iMessage did. As a testing phase, this RCS will be available to users in UK and France this week, and will slowly be expanded to all over the world. If you are eligible user, you will receive a prompt to upgrade to RCS Chat when you open the Android Messaging App, you just need to select yes, that's it you will be opted in.

The disadvantage of this RCS is it doesn't support full end-to-end encryption, although the message was said to be encrypted in transit. Which technically means anyone can read your stored message and can be given to government if they asks. Google has a temporary solution for that, as it clarifies that it will delete the message once the receiver receives the message, with one exception to gif and videos which will be deleted a bit late.

As it was said to be available only in UK and France as now, the expect date of availability of this service in other parts of the world are not yet revealed, so you have to wait for sometime. And we hope Google will reveal those dates very soon. With Many users prefers apps with end-to-end encryption we think this decision will be revised soon by GSMA, which controls the standard.