Disable Media Keys in chromium based Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 [How to guide]

How to disable or block media keys in Microsoft Edge browser ? or how to stop Chromium based Microsoft Edge from accessing hardware keys ? this was one of the question that me and one of my friend had when we heard that upcoming Chromium based Microsoft Edge will also use Media Key functionality. 

Confused what it was? let me clarify what Media key is..

If you are using the latest version of Chrome or Chromium based browser you might have noticed that whenever you press Media control keys on your keyboard chrome will start reacting to it.. For example: if you press forward button or Skip button on your keyboard when an Youtube video is playing, chrome will either forward the video or will skip and will play the next video, based on the type of key you press.

Though this Media key controlling feature is useful, many users started complaining that, whenever chrome is active they are unable to use the media key feature on other apps.  Lets take the audio app as an example, when chrome is active, you will not be able to use the forward button or stop button, as chromium based browser will take complete control of it, you might sometime need to force close the chromium based browser to use such apps, which might cause some irritation and looking for alternatives.

So, here is how it is..

How to disable hardware media keys on Microsoft Edge..

The solution is pretty much simple, since this Microsoft Edge is also powered by Chromium, you can follow the same process followed for chrome here..

1) Open Edge browser.

2) Type edge://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling on the address bar (For chrome, replace edge with Chrome, for example: chrome://flags...)

Disable Media Keys in chromium based Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 [How to guide]

3) You will see Hardware media key handling text being highlighted and next to the text, on the right side some option like Default, click that and select Disabled.

That's it, restart browser and enjoy.