How to disable CHKDSK(Check disk) that runs on Startup of Windows 10 [Tutorial]

When we power on our PC,and the time of Windows Starts a window will pop up Stating checking

drive C/D,etc...We need to Press Any key before the period it asks us to do( Usually 10 Seconds)

else it Will enter into desktop only after completing the check.

Though this process helps in Smooth running of our PC it may be little bit frustrating,as it loads and

loads after everytime we restart our PC.So here is an tutorial for disabling it permanently.

As usual i had created a video to show the steps .

Just follow the Steps in the below video..

Note : If you need only C drive to skip then your value must be like

autocheck autochk /k:C * (leave space after autochk)

Similarly,for D,E drives...

autocheck autochk /k:C /k:D /k:E /K:F*  (leave space after each drive letter i.e., After completing 

/k:D Press space one time and type the next value..

Hope it Works.

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