How to convert doc to pdf using Microsoft Word 2016

How to convert .Doc to .pdf file using Microsoft Word, that is what we're going to see in this post.

What is DOC file ?

Windows or any OS will classify the files based on the extensions, which are nothing but the file format type. There are so many file types available depending the file format. Example : .DOC, .PDF, .PUB, .ZIP, .RAR,etc..

.doc file format is nothing but the file that represent the given file is of document type. 

What is PDF file ?

.PDF or pdf file is also similar fimilar type which won't change unless we edit, and is much safer than DOC file when we have to share some info. The full form for PDF is portable Document file (much similar, right ?)

So, how to convert doc to pdf using MS word ?

Just follow the steps mentioned on the below video to convert doc or word file to PDF file in Microsoft Word.

No Extra tools/softwares needed,we can do in MS Office 2016 itself.

Just follow the above steps...

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